The Influence of Communication, Symbols, and Language on Culture

Written by Erik Hinch.

Week 1 Q:

As technology has progressed throughout the ages, it has become increasingly easier to find ways to communicate between two parties.  Television has been used since the beginning to produce advertisements for companies, the internet brought instant-messaging, followed by texting, etc. These developments have had a profound impact on modern-day culture. Services such as Pandora or Spotify allow you to find new artists to listen to on your computer. Almost one billion people have a Facebook account. Certain news stations will portray a certain message to their viewers. How people find their information impacts what they see and who they can become. Other technological advances such as the compact disc (CD) or iPod, for example, have spread the ownership of music across America. Music has always been a means of expressing feelings/opinions, and this has only ballooned its outreach. I can vouch for this, because music has had a real impact on the person I am today. This is only one example how communication has changed and influenced culture.

Week 2 Q:

In a way, language and symbols can send a very strong message to the person receiving it. They are left to interpret it in their own ways and form their own opinions, but it certainly can raise questions or get you to notice it. Many company logos are created to have some tie to the company or reference to something else; some examples include Apple, McDonald’s, NBC, and Baskin Robbins.
Other images intend to portray a message.  One example is the “heartfist” logo for the band Rise Against. It contains two arrows, creating a circle around a heart with a fist inside. While mostly left up for interpretation, many believe that the arrows are meant to imply that we need to keep a sustainable lifestyle on Earth. The heart and fist say that the power is in your hands, and we need to fight for a (peaceful) revolution, to make a positive change to the world. Of course, this is just one logo of the millions in existence today, but it shows you how symbols can portray a message without actually using words.


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  1. 1

    rockyoyole said,

    Very much like Katherine’s discussion response I feel this is very well explained. I don’t have a whole lot to add to it because the definition is very well and full of explanation using examples.

  2. 2

    katherinehwoods said,

    I agree with rockyoyole, who ever you are? You obviously put alot of thought into this and it shows your examples and explanations match up perfectly. Everyone knows McDonalds for its golden arches and bringing that up for symbolism was a smart move.

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