How do groups communicate verbally and non-verbally?

There are many ways that groups communicate verbally and non-verbally. Although we may have not realized it, even what people wear is communicating to us about who they are or what their personality is like. A smile on somebody’s face or hearing that they are laughing may communicate to you that they are happy or something to them is funny. Tears running down their face may show you that they are sad or going through a hard time; if they are close to you, you can non-verbally respond with something like a hug, communicating to them that you are there for them and care about them. Or you can use verbal communication and say “I want you to know I’m always here for you.” Communication is all around us, all of the time.

I took this photo while in San Diego, California at the Green Bay Packer game against the San Diego Chargers. This photo shows a lot of communication. You could look at what people are wearing. Those in the stands wearing a blue jersey, are communicating to you that they are a Chargers fan; while those in green, gold, and white are Packers fans. Even the unforgettable cheese heads, shows people they’re Packer fans. The girls in cheerleader outfits tells you they are cheerleaders. The guys with the giant cameras tell us that they probably work for the media. Seeing the guys in “action” dressed in football uniforms, you know they’re the players. If you know your football, know your players, you’ll see that Charlie Peprah for the Packers has the ball. In this picture, if you know football, you’ll know that he is a safety, which is a defensive position… all this shows you that since he is running with the football, he intercepted the ball and is running it back for a touchdown. In the background, the Packer fans have their mouths wide open, showing that they’re cheering they’re team on in excitement. Their hands are up because their team is going to get a touchdown. The Chargers fans in the background are not cheering, they look down because their team just gave up the ball.

By: Sarah S.


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    kristinmarq said,

    This is awesome. I didn’t think of the way people dressed as a way of communication but you really explained it well. Even wearing a specific team’s colors could make people act differently towards them. What you wear could determine if you’re on the team or the enemy.

  2. 2

    katherinehwoods said,

    I never considered the this before because it is so subtle but even the jersey you wear makes you freind or foe. When ever I see a Navy and Orange Jersey I think ‘Bears Fan’ and then banter with that person saying that my Green and Gold will take home the win. Clothing is on non verbal way to communicate to others who you support, or what you stand for. Nice example.

  3. 3

    hinchea said,

    I agree, Katherine. It’s also not just sports either. Many assumptions can be made of a person based on the t-shirts of certain bands as well. You see someone with a Wiz Khalifa or a Mac Miller tee, there are certain things you’re gonna assume. Same goes for someone that you would see wearing any Bad Religion, Foo Fighters, Green Day, etc. gear. There are certain traits that the people wearing these clothes generally have.

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