How do groups communicate verbally and nonverbally?

Groups need to communicate both verbally and non-verbally. Verbally is an obvious way to communicate, and is used not only for generally talking, but speaking with different tones in your voice show emotion and can let people know if you are angry, excited, tired, or happy. Another way to show is emotion is to use non-verbal communication. Body language and facial expressions are great ways to communicate non-verbally as well as gestures. If you give someone a high five or thumbs up, it shows you’re proud of them or happy about accomplishing something.

This is a picture of my cheerleading team. When we stunt, communication is crucial so that we can execute the stunts correctly and safely. We use verbal communication when loading into the stunt (1-2-down-up). Once in a stunt, it is very difficult to communicate verbally, so we use different types of non-verbal communication. If the bases (girls on bottom) are too close together or too far apart, I can move my legs in and out to let them know where to move. If they are uneven heights, I tap one of my legs to let that base know to re-position.  To communicate when we are coming down, the bases will dip down a bit to let me know. Girls that aren’t in the stunt, look for facial expressions and body language that show distress or off-balance If they see these types of communication, they know that someone may need to be caught.


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    rockyoyole said,

    I think you used a great picture and illustration showing how important it is to use both verbal and nonverbal communication. In a situation like this, you are completely dependent on the communication between you and your team. If something is read wrong through signs or body language, someone could get hurt; and no, we don’t want that.

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    katherinehwoods said,

    Teams are always a good example of communication, and cheer shows alot of verbal and non verbal communication. Nice example! The picture really helps get your point across because we can visually see what is at stake if communication goes wrong, like rockyoyole saide someone could get hurt. And I think its very cool how you one the “base” communicate with other base member with your legs.

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