Uncertainty Reduction Theory

One reason that makes communication challenging is the uncertainty that comes over us when we don’t feel like we know an individual very well. When you are first getting to know someone, you are very conscious of what sorts of information you share with that individual. The more you find out about this new person in your life, the more comfortable you become. You start sharing more personal information and the uncertainty is lessened. A person can start picking up on nonverbal communication habits of the other person as well. You can start to develop a relationship with this person. Image

This is a picture of my WBCA All Star Division 2 North team. We were chosen to play in this game, and had to spend a week practicing together before the big game. Lots of us were rivals, or even lost to each other in playoffs. Some of us found out we were future college teammates. But never the less, we all met up and knew nothing about each other. But we spent a week together from 7am – 11pm every day. We started with small talk, you know, “Hi, I’m Arien, what’s your name? Where are you going to college in the fall?”, stuff like that. But as our uncertainty disappeared, we started to develop relationships. Being basketball players, we had a lot of the same interests and experiences. We could talk about lifting, summer leagues, and tournament play. But we also got comfortable enough to talk about families, social lives, and future goals.


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