Entitativity / Perceptions of Groups

Entitativity is also known as groupness whether they are completely cohesive or possibly a group of individuals. It all depends on how the people on the outside of the group perceive those who are a part of that group. It is how they appear to others. Just because we see people together, does not necessarily mean they are together and unified as an actual or specific group. Us onlookers looking at this “group” may think they are all together, friends, related, there for the same reason; or they could possibly not know one another at all, they just so happen to be in the same area at the same time. We don’t know that for sure until we start eliminating certain questions we have. Like the books described, we can narrow down if this is a true group by common fate, similarity, and proximity. Entitativity is just how we perceive them. We may perceive a group of teenagers at a bus stop as all students. They may engage in short conversation which makes us feel as if they’re friends, or they may just be individuals passing time. Entitativity is what is seen in the eye of the beholder when looking at actual “groups.”

By: Sarah S.



In this example here, it’s talking about how different groups are getting together against google search. Some librarians are for it but not all. We may think that all groups at a library agree in terms of studying and searches but that is not necessarily true.


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