Primary and Social Groups

Primary and Social groups are similar and different in both their own ways.  Both are smaller groups but who is in them and the time they’re held together is what makes them different. A primary group are more close-knit and long term. Your family, you’ll have forever. This is considered a primary group, you love your family, your close, they’ll always be there for you. We create relationships and friendships that are primary. The members of these groups are very involved with each other and interact on a very regular basis.

A social group is also a smaller group but relatively somewhat larger than the primary group. These groups are considered our work groups, school groups, clubs, and congregations. Not all of these are going to be long term and last forever. Yeah there may be some friendships created along the way that become long term but the initial group  only lasts for an initial period of time. Members can leave these groups and become of other ones.


By: Sarah S.


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