Week 4 discussion: Communication and how it persuaded me

I’m going to use a deeper topic with this discussion question that not everybody may understand. When I was growing up and going through high school, I attended a Pentecostal church. Not your ordinary church. The prayer, worship, dress… everything was completely different than what anybody is really used to nowadays unless you’re on the same page. We had a youth group for the teenagers of our church and we would get together every Friday night for a lesson, some songs, and fun and games afterward. We worshipped in a different way than many, raising our hands, singing, jumping, running, speaking in other tongues. It was our communication of praise to God. Many people, are satisfied with a simple quiet prayer. I never understood it until I had a friend lay a hand on my shoulder and pray with me. Honestly, the communication between me and God did  amazing things for me and inspired me to help doing the same for others and my friends. People who would come into our services, looked at us like we were crazy, but it’s because they didn’t understand the communication we used for worship. And it’s a touchy subject to talk about, so if you don’t understand it or believe it, you have to be careful how you communicate your own beliefs to others. This was my life then.

By: Sarah S.


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    kristinmarq said,

    This is really cool. I think it’s awesome how you can communicate with God so differently than other denominations. And it is so true about communicating to people with other beliefs. I’ve experienced feeling offended when getting into religious conversation.

  2. 2

    hinchea said,

    I also hadn’t really thought about communication in that way. I like how you incorporated it into this blog. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, people do end up being uncomfortable when talking to a person of another faith (or of no faith altogether). I am not religious myself, although I respect everyone’s beliefs, no doubt about it. I do notice people talking to me differently or even confronting me about it at times.

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