Social Relationships at Work: Social Dimensions

By Erik Hinch

Social dimensions in the workplace are certain things that are different than a “normal” friendship/relationship, or basically friendships in the workplace. A lot of times, it can affect the productivity of you and your workmates. If you have a good relationship with a co-worker, it can make you a happier person at work when they are around, thus you can be more productive in your time there. However, if something bad happens between you two, it can create a worse working environment than if you had no relationship what-so-ever. There are pro’s and cons. Also, depending on the closeness of you and the other person, things such as promotions can get in the way. How you talk to them about a promotion may depend on how close you are. If it is between you two for it, there may be some bad blood. You will likely keep a mutual respect for each other though, and congratulate/comfort the other person, depending on who wins.


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    arienbecker said,

    I agree with all of this! And the workplace could also be the classroom, if a group has great relationships within the members the outcome is much better than if there is tension between group members!

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