The Hindenburg Disaster – Arien Becker

The LZ 129 Hindenburg was a German air ship carrying 97 people across the Atlantic Ocean to Lakehurst, New Jersey. On May 6th, 1937, this airship burst into flames just before landing, killing 35 people. In the realm of fatal disasters, this event seems relatively insignificant, especially 15 years after one of the most devastating disasters in history; the sinking of the Titanic. Yet, the Hindenburg disaster set a milestone in a new way.

Many journalists were on the scene at the air station in Lakehurst to make their reports on the landing. One reporter, a man named Herbert Morrison, was there to record the event and play it later on his radio news channel. This turned into the first ever pre-recorded news story. Not used to hearing pre-recorded stories, people thought they were listening to the story live when it was aired the next day. The coverage of the Hindenburg disaster ended the era of the airship completely.

This is just an article about the disaster and a great newsreel clip from 1937!


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