Communications in Organizations – My Impact

By Erik Hinch

One of the organizations I am involved with on campus is the UWEC College Democrats.  One of the things that the organization does very well is get new people involved in its activities. They send group texts out to let people know what is going down.  They are very active in the community, volunteering and helping people get registered to vote.  What persuaded me to join was two things; They were on campus already trying to get people registered on the very first day I was on campus.  They’re also very friendly and encouraging, and that is a very appealing factor for me. I’m now very involved in the organization just a month into my time here. I participated in the homecoming parade with them, have helped individuals get registered to vote, spread knowledge about upcoming events we were sponsoring on campus, and more.  Basically, being up front, friendly, and encouraging, along with a simple interest in politics on my side, was a very effective communication tool.


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  1. 1

    kristinmarq said,

    Exciting! I like that they use texting to communicate. I “joined” some clubs but I never go to meetings because I forget when they just e-mail me.

  2. 2

    katherinehwoods said,

    I love how we are creating our own new type of communication that is fast and simple and gets actions done quicker. I think its also really cool how involved you have become, thats a big part of college.

  3. 3

    hinchea said,

    It is great! Very efficient way of communicating. However, some of the people don’t have unlimited texting, so it can be a hassle for them because they get so many messages that they can’t use it anymore 😦

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