When you go through school with a history book at your desk, what you have is a book full of, well, documentaries. When you have one specific historical event or figure that has been followed over a long period of time and recorded, written down, and talked about… it’s considered a documentary.  Almost like reliving the event or life. When you watch a documentary on World War II, you’re watching what events happened, the people who were a part of it, why it happened, and how it ended. We have these documentaries because people recorded these events to tell the story later on. Even now, journalists every day are following stories and recording these stories as documents.

One of the biggest events in America happening now? The presidential debates. With this article, a journalist is “documenting” the events throughout the debate from the republican side and the democratic side. Getting both sides, their ideas and plans are being documented for people to learn of now in the present and in the future.


Sarah S.


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