Week 5

Kristin Marquardt

News is information that is spread through a media source like newspapers and television. It is updates on what is going on here and around the world. It affects me by letting me know whats going on in politics, in wars, and general things that are happening. Hearing the news can influence your opinion and your decisions. If you see that someone is arrested for thievery, you might think that they are a bad person. If you hear that the gas prices are going to go up soon, you might want to go fill up your car. If I wasn’t in this class, I would still look at the news. It is exciting to know what is happening around the world, and I think that news sort of connects us all.



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  1. 1

    katherinehwoods said,

    News deffinately connects us heck we wouldn’t be in this class disscussing news unless it connected us. Good examples especially the gas prices, as a student I need gas to be as cheep as possible and will hold out until it drops!

  2. 2

    rockyoyole said,

    I agree too on how news can affect the decisions we make daily. Yeah, if I hear the gas prices are sky rocketing, I might go fill up my car before they do.

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