How Broadcast News Changed Journalism

By Erik Hinch

Broadcast news changed journalism in a fundamental way. Many new mediums were introduced for the purpose of getting the same information.  TV and radio (and many years later, the Internet) are the most commonly used mediums for communication introduced. It revolutionized the way people get their news.  People are more easily able to visually see what is being reported, and become more engaged in the reporting itself.  With the introduction of the internet, a whole new demographic has become more engaged than before; Teens and young adults seem to find a lot of their information from social media  nowadays.

This link goes to a YouTube video posted by a local TV station in the Hampton-area, that, by itself, has four public television stations and seven public radio stations. It is a video that interviews college students about where they get their news.  The general consensus is the Internet and Television, whether it be Fox News, CNN, or even Jon Stewart from Comedy Central.  Turn the clock back 90 years and radio had just barely begun to emerge.  It is such a drastically different scenario then, when compared to what we have today.


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