What is news?

When we learn about what’s going on around us, whether it’s local, state wide, country wide… all the information that we here about of what is happening in the world is news. News is the events that we hear about. It could be sports, an accident, a disaster, even weather is news. Without the news, I wouldn’t know what was going on. I check the weather daily so I know how to plan what I am going to do. Sports is news, I have a fantasy football team, so I need to check on the football sports to  see how my teams are doing. My brother moved to St. Petersburg, FL just as the last big hurricane was suppose to hit. I watched the news every day to hear about the updates on that hurricane because I was concerned about his and his family’s safety. Hearing/reading/watching the news is something I do daily, whether it was for this class or not. This class may make me pay more attention to news to look for different things but I would still pay attention to it if not in this class.

By: Sarah S.


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    katherinehwoods said,

    I agree with you completely news not only helps us plan our daily lives but it also informs us about what everyone else is doing. I think this helps us all connect and feel more united locally, state wide, or even country wide. Especially something as simple as watching the updates on your favorite team, you know that there are others doing the same thing.

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