Unit 2: Concept Reviews (1)

The blogs we reviewed for this week:

The Pandas  thepandasblog.wordpress.com

Team Bulldog  Teambulldog.wordpress.com

The Fallowers/Team Fall Thefallowers.wordpress.com

Sexy 6  sexysix6.wordpress.com

What we reviewed:

  • Why news on the Vietnam War was a milestone in journalism history.
  • How CNN, Fox News, and USA Today set new norms for the news reporting
  • News aggregation
  • Pseudo events
  • Bias in news: liberal, conservative, centrist, creeping, news as entertainment
  • How online news is changing journalism, such as the role of bloggers

5 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    rockyoyole said,

    Hey team, we need to discuss these! I went through and read them and here’s the teams I liked most from each one. Please share your thoughts!!!!
    Vietnam War a milestone: Sexy 6
    CNN, Fox News, and USA Today: Team Fall
    News Aggregation: The Pandas
    Pseudo events: Team Fall
    Bias in news: Team Bulldog
    Online news change journalism: Team Bulldog/Sexy 6

  2. 2

    kristinmarq said,

    I really liked The bulldogs Online news change in Journalism and the Sexy 6’s Vietnam War in a Milestone. I like the Pseudo events from Sexy 6 more than Team Fall’s, they were straight and to the point. It is easy to understand and they had a good example that went with the books definition.

  3. 3

    rockyoyole said,

    Good point on the Pseudo Events

  4. 4

    katherinehwoods said,

    These were all excelent and really easy to follow and understand, good work team!

  5. 5

    hinchea said,

    I think that Team SexySix6 gave a good example of how CNN, Fox News, and USA Today set new norms. Their example showed how many people have changed how they get their news and where they get it from

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