Famous Person Testimonial

I see famous person testimonial as companies or products using famous people and celebrities to advertise their product. People in the world today look up to celebrities. Celebrities have gotten somewhere in their lives; acting, singing, athletics. They’re stars in our eyes and a lot of kids and teens, when asked what they want to be when they get older, usually answer “I want to be a football player just like Aaron Rodgers” or “I want to rap like Eminem.” They want to be like famous people because they, too, want to be a star. So companies nowadays use big stars to endorse their products so we are more apt to watching them and want their product.


Pantene uses Eva Mendes as their spokesperson in their line of hair products. A lot of women enjoy having beautiful hair that looks healthy. In these ads and commercials, Eva’s hair looks so smooth, healthy, and shiny. We must think that just if she’s got beautiful hair like that, Pantene will get us that also. So we use Pantene.

Companies do this all the time though. McDonald’s uses Donald Driver, a fit and athletic football player. State Farm has Aaron Rodger’s Discount Double Check. People watch these celebrities, they’re going to watch the commercials then too.

Sarah S.


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