Plain-folk pitch compared to snob-appeal approach

By Katherine Woods

Plain-folk pitch and snob-appeal are both strategies used by advertisers to try to persuade the consumer into wanting, needing, and eventually buying their product. Plain-folk pitch simplifies the product and focus’ on its performance and durability. They include slogans of simplicity and minimal change that will easily fit into the lives of ordinary people. Here T-mobile shows how easy their product is to use in day-to-day life.

In contrast, Snob-appeal approach attempts to persuade the consumer that with their product the owners life and social status will be elevated to something better. This type of persuasion is usually used on more expensive and luxurious things such as jewelry, perfume, and clothing. In this commercial Burlington uses the word “dork” to make you feel like if you don’t buy clothing from their store you wont fit in at school, but with their clothing line you will be popular and thus “raise your social status.”


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