Identifying, analyzing and targeting publics/ shakeholders

Kristin Marquardt

Advertising can be anything from a billboard to a magazine ad to a commercial. All that advertisements are, are pictures, songs, and slogans to help you remember a product and want to buy it. Sometimes, companies will have a celebrity promote their product. If people see that their favorite singer approves, they want to have it too. Most advertisements are targeting specific people. Children are targeted with their favorite tv shows. Children fall in love with characters on tv and when they see them at the store, they want them.

This is an article about how the design of the grocery store messes with you. In this article, it talks about how the highly advertised food is out and easily found, and the staple foods are usually in the back so you need to walk passed everything to get there. This article also shows how children are targeted. Stores put the sugary cereals (the ones they see on tv; Trix, Cocoa Puffs, etc.) in eye level of the kids.


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