Week 6….Public Relations?

By Katherine Woods

Well Mom and Dad, public relations happens when a company wants to inform its to people think or act in a certain way. Public relations is just a big fancy word used to describe a job that helps inform the public it is a very broad field ranging from research, to merchandise. Public Relations helps to keep the people informed with what is going on, companies often us PR to help persuade the public, investors, employees and even partners to make a certain positive point of view of the company and the actions they are taking. A lot of public relations surround the ‘Going Green’ hype. Companies like to inform others on how they are helping to save the environment by using recycled items or less plastic/paper. There is a lot of public speaking often involved in PR in both large and small group settings to help connect and inform the people.


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    rockyoyole said,

    I agree with all of this. Until class and reading this example, I never even thought of the “Going Green” as an example of PR but with the breast cancer awareness, it’s a big one and companies are always talking about how they are helping this cause.

  2. 2

    hinchea said,

    “Going green” no doubt tends to put a positive spin on a company for most people. I also hadn’t thought about it as a possible source of PR, it’s very interesting now that I think about it. Many companies have gone to SOME measures, at least, to contribute to helping the environment.

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