What are pros and cons of advertising?

Kristin Marquardt

I think that advertising can be a good thing or an awful thing, but it depends on the situation. For the recent presidential campaign, advertising can help inform the public on their views and show the truth. It isn’t all good advertising though. Sometimes these advertisements stretch the truth and just try to negatively effect the other candidate. Advertisements can be a mix of lies and the truth and I think that is what is so bad about them. You can’t tell what is the truth. There is advertising for donations to help find a cure for various illnesses, or supporting our troops. These advertisements provide information to people while promoting a good cause.

Basically, advertisements can be bad when they are influencing peoples decisions based on lies. They can also be good, when they are providing helpful information, promoting a cause, or selling a product.

I really like the ads for e*trade. They have a baby with the voice of a man that talks about e*trade and all the cool things it can do. The commercials are funny so I like to watch them. I think humor is something that is helpful in advertising because people always like a good laugh.


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