Week 9 Discussion

An ad that I had seen just recently was for Garnier Nutrisse hair color. They use Tina Fey in their ads with showing off colored medium brown mahogany colored hair using the Garnier Nutrisse products. In the ad, (like most hair product ads) her hair looked amazing, shiny, and healthy. They kept saying it was simple and easy to do on your own. One of the reasons I felt this ad was personalized to me is because I had previously been thinking about coloring my hair back closer to my normal brown color because I recently had highlights in it before. Honestly, after watching that ad, I took the weekend and bought a box of Garnier Nutrisse Medium Brown hair color and colored my own hair for the first time by myself. I really liked the results of my hair color and it just felt fresh for quite a few days after.


Sarah S.


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    hinchea said,

    As the only guy in the entire group, I’ll admit that it’s very hard to relate to any of the other posts about personalized ads, including this one. I don’t use any hair products like that or anything for lashes, etc., so none of these ads really work for me. I have noticed among some clothing commercials that they tend to be personalized more towards me, and it is something that can work for more poeple

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