Personalized Ads?

By Erik Hinch

A personalized ad towards me was an ad I would see constantly whilst scrolling through YouTube. Not surprisingly, an ad tailored to Rise Against was what hit me. I was surprised because I know the band itself isn’t doing this advertisement, and they haven’t had any new material or anything for over a year…so why? It was actually an ad showing a special they had where you could get their last three albums on iTunes for a very cheap price, and it was flashing the album covers as well as the hit singles off of each record in the ad.  It didn’t necessarily make me want to go out and purchase these albums on there, for I’ve already got physical copies of every album they’ve made (don’t look at me like that, I’m not obsessed or anything…).  However, it did get me interested in looking up their music a bit more after I saw the ad (the first few times, after that it got rather annoying, just like every other advertisement ever made…EVER).


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