Week 10

Which of the five types of convergence media do you understand least – and how does it affect you?

By Katherine Woods

I least understand Corporate convergence, I’m not sure I understand how consolidating is a convergence of media. I understand that convergence implies to incorporated more than one being or idea. But how does buying up other companies to get bigger make you a convergence, your not working together to reach a common goal, instead you are overtaking and buying up the competition. This to me just got confusing and hazy and this affects me because if I do not understand the concept then how will I be able to do well on an upcoming test or quiz. Understanding is learning and without it I will be in big trouble.


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    hinchea said,

    I also understood corporate convergence the least. I feel we have the same issue here, it’s all very confusing. If you have less competition in the news media market, then wouldn’t the quality of news coverage, in turn, be of lesser quality? That’s how things usually work in a free market. Therefore, it’s not trying to reach a common goal. I have a feeling I’m missing something though, because it really doesn’t make much sense at all to me.

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