My Most Hated or Liked Commercial

By Erik Hinch

I’ve gotta say the “Head-On” commercials really drove me crazy. Not just the original one, but the ones after that where customers SAID that they hated the commerical (but the product works great!).  I can’t really put my finger on it, but it was just a very blunt, boring commercial about a product I knew little about and cared little to learn about.  I could tell I was not the only one that had the same or similar ideology, as the company went out of their way to create an entire commercial dedicated to people saying how much they didn’t like the first commercial, in order to sell their product. It was like beating a dead drum.  Also, I think the fact that I doubted that rubbing something that just looked like a deodorant bar onto my forehead would somehow solve any headaches I would get didn’t really help their case.


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