Pro’s and Con’s of Advertising

By Erik Hinch

Since my mind is still focused a lot on the 2012 elections, I’m going to think of advertising in the political sense.  One pro of advertising is that you can get your message out as a candidate (or Super PAC or other individual body) to a large audience.  You can spin many things many different ways, good or bad, and it actually can sway public opinion about you or your opponent.  Publicity is huge in today’s society, and if your name isn’t out there in some way, shape, or form, you’re definitely not going to have good odds at winning your election.

Cons of advertising are that it can get very….messy. Mud-slinging is a good example. We’ve been barraged with constant political ads up until eleciton day, and the vast majority are negative. The general public always gets annoyed and fed up with all these ads, and it can discourage voters and even put a negative overall spin on a candidate (see Mitt Romney’s ad about Jeep expanding into China).

Overall, advertising is generally not the best way to be informed as a citizen, and it can get annoying with constantly seeing political ads. For candidates, it is completely necessary, however, to put out these ads, positive and negative, in order to win.  It can sometimes come back to bite them, though.


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