How is Political Speech Expressed in Social Media?

by Erik Hinch

Political speech can be expressed in many different ways.  The most common way I can think of is through speeches.  Political candidates express their viewpoints, opinions, and plans for their position during these speeches and can attract large audiences to get their message out.  They also can do a lot with their organizers sending out mass emails to everyone that signed up to receive their messages.  Also, Facebook pages and websites are good places to find their stances.  I volunteered extensively with the Obama campaign since the beginning of the year, and as a volunteer we did a lot of canvassing and phonebanking.  Canvassing is basically going door to door and asking people if they were registered to vote, who they happened to be voting for, etc…phonebanking is calling people and basically doing the same thing, but with a slightly different “script”.  It was an extremely efficient way to get out the vote to college students on and near campus, and we may have convinced a few people to sway their opinions along the way.


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