Is using Wikipedia and other sources for our concept definitions “plagiarism”?

By Erik Hinch

I’ve only used Wikipedia for one of my concept definitions, and I normally consult multiple different sources before coming to a conclusion and typing it up.  I can see why some might consider it plagiarism, I totally understand it.  I don’t think it is though. I just can’t picture it as being illegal.  Sites such as Wikipedia are literally there to be an informational database.  It’s also not a direct copy of the text that I use in my definitions, but after reading it, I create my own definition around it.  Let me ask you this; If we look in the book for any definition/insight, and don’t cite it, would that be considered plagiarism then as well? I see no difference in the internet and textbook as a source of information.  The only difference is that the internet can be considered less reliable than the textbook in terms of quality.  No, I do not consider it to be plagiarism.


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