“Long Tail” theory

Kristin Marquardt

This is the theory that as time moves on, people buy less and less of the mainstream goods and instead buy the smaller hard-to-find ones.

I found a helpful paragraph from longtail.com that helps me understand it better. “When consumers are offered infinite choice, the true shape of demand is revealed. And it turns out to be less hit-centric than we thought. People gravitate towards niches because they satisfy narrow interests better, and in one aspect of our life or another we all have some narrow interest (whether we think of it that way or not).”

It shows how if you could choose anything, costs aside, you wouldn’t choose the mainstream thing. We just choose the mainstream because it is easier to get and cheaper. The online shopping world of Ebay, Amazon, etc. is helping to move the world into a “Long Tail” kind of world.


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