Week 10

Which of the five types of convergence media do you understand least – and how does it affect you?

Kristin Marquardt

The type of media convergence I understand the least is corporate convergence. Unlike operational convergence, which I can relate to television stations; and device convergence, which I can relate to common cell phones and electronics; I can’t relate to corporate convergence. I’m just unsure of what it means and if there are negative or positive outcomes from it.

The book says that it is “a vision of one company delivering every service imaginable”.  Is this like Google? Google is in control of not only the search engine, but also YouTube, Google+ (social networking site), Motorola Mobility (a manufacturer of Android handsets), RetailMeNot (world’s larget online coupon provider), and many more. It seems to me like Google is trying to use corporate convergence.


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