Week 11

How is political speech expressed in social media? Provide some examples that you have seen, or been involved in.

Kristin Marquardt

Political speech is expressed in four of the six ways. First, is face to face. When campaigning, there are literal political speeches where the candidate will speak face to face with an audience, and might even talk to people individually afterward. Also, interviews are face to face.The second way is telephone. Political people are always calling to ask for donations to the campaign, promoting a certain person, and performing polls on your political opinion.  The third way is email. I can’t even count the number of emails I’ve received from President Obama before the election. People running the campaign send out emails like crazy. The fourth way is personally addressed documents. My dad has received a Christmas card from the governor and a letter from Mitt Romney. Both are hanging on the fridge.



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    hinchea said,

    I think that political speeches are the most efficient way to express yourself politically as a candidate. It reaches the most people in person, and if there is any media there, countless thousands, or even millions, on the internet! I think, while candidates may do a bit of the other kinds mentioned, the majority of the others are done by a volunteer staff. It still gets out the message very well though.

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