Week 12

To what extent have your CJ105 concept definitions relied on copying definitions from Wikipedia and other Internet sources – is that plagiarism?

Kristin Marquardt

I usually don’t use Wikipedia for my concept definitions but I  have definitely used it before. I don’t think that using the definition is plagiarism. I think that the point of Wikipedia is so people can use the definitions, so why would it be unlawful to use them? If you use their definition you could also just write “Wikipedia says…” or “I found this on Wikipedia” and then you are letting people know where you found the information.



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    hinchea said,

    I agree. If we were to just post exactly what a website says for our definitions, would there really be a point to the assignment? We’re not adding our own input or insight. That is why I don’t consider using these sites as plagiarism is because we DO add our own input and create our own definitions based upon the information and knowledge available to us at the moment after research.

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