Cloud Computing and How It Is Affecting Media Convergence

By Erik Hinch

Cloud Computing is basically a way of putting multiple files into one single source that can be accessed on multiple mediums.  So, for example, if you put Mp3 files into the “cloud” on your computer, you would automatically have the ability to access them on your iPod or cell phone, among other things. This isn’t limited to just media files though, as it can be used for regular information, assignments, papers, etc. as well.  Almost all of us use cloud computing and we don’t even realize it! A really good example of cloud computing is when you use D2L to submit an assignment to the dropbox for a class.

Cleverly named for it’s purpose, Apple’s service, the iCloud, does just this.  It syncs files in the cloud across all Apple devices. Here, CNN talks about the iCloud after then-CEO Steve Jobs finished a press conference on the product:

There are still doubts about this kind of cloud computing, as it isn’t yet a perfect science.  However, if cloud computing could be perfected, then we’d be able to access ALL of our files from multiple devices. It sounds great, doesn’t it?


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