Identifying, Analyzing, & Targeting Publics/Stakeholders

By Erik Hinch

In terms of public relations and business, there are many groups they communicate with. Some of these include: Customers, government agencies, stockholders, employees, the media, and more. For each group of people, the company will want to engage them in a different way.  In order to most effectively communicate, they must first identify the group they want to talk with, analyze who they are or what they want, etc., then they will be able to more effectively reach that group/the public.

In this CNN video, the oil company BP has come to a settlement with families in communites around the Gulf Coast involved in the infamous “BP Oil Spill”.  The company has also talked to the government and agreed to pay $4 billion for the spill, and two employees have been indicted on manslaughter charges. This is showing the company is interacting with many groups, figuring out what needs to be done and finally coming to terms with all of this mess.


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