Responsibilities Using Media

By Erik Hinch

The media that I use on a daily basis tends to be largely gravitated around my iPod, Cell phone, and computer.  I’m constantly checking things like Facebook, YouTube, and listening to my “angsty punk” music (which I love, by the way).  On the laptop, I follow many media sources, such as the (VERY satirical) Onion, Fox News, “Meme GOP”, and the “Being Liberal” pages on Facebook. Go ahead and make assumptions about me, it’s fair game.  The main point here is that these pages (among many others) put out articles, pictures, memes, etc. containing information.  Viewing all of this information can influence your views and thoughts on many issues, and a lot of times, on both sides of the aisle, some claims are released without all the information, or with at least a skewed view of the issue. It is OUR responsibility, as the consumer of this information, to separate the real information from the fluff, the questionable, and the flat out lies.  With the vast source of information known as the Internet, we can pretty much fact-check ANYTHING out there.  In a day and age where information is literally at our fingertips, being ignorant and uninformed is a choice.


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