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***NOTE: Not all teams have ALL the concepts, so I’m going off of those who had those certain concepts***

Guttenberg’s printing press:

Cultural Impact: I really felt like the Bulldogs definition was really explained well and detailed. They seemed to have a very good idea on the concept and worded everything really well, also making it easy to understand.

Social Impact: Team Fall described this easily and well. They were able to define it without having to go too in depth yet we still get a good idea on the meaning.

Political Impact: The Bulldogs explained this well and also using a good example with the internet and explaining why.

Academic Impact: Sexy 6 had a good definition of the academic impact. Shorter, but to the point, and explained very well.

Economic Impact: Team Fall had a good definition that seemed to make sense when reading. Though the other teams explained it in a similar way, Team Fall has just a little more there in detail.


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