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Is using Wikipedia and other sources for our concept definitions “plagiarism”?

By Erik Hinch

I’ve only used Wikipedia for one of my concept definitions, and I normally consult multiple different sources before coming to a conclusion and typing it up.  I can see why some might consider it plagiarism, I totally understand it.  I don’t think it is though. I just can’t picture it as being illegal.  Sites such as Wikipedia are literally there to be an informational database.  It’s also not a direct copy of the text that I use in my definitions, but after reading it, I create my own definition around it.  Let me ask you this; If we look in the book for any definition/insight, and don’t cite it, would that be considered plagiarism then as well? I see no difference in the internet and textbook as a source of information.  The only difference is that the internet can be considered less reliable than the textbook in terms of quality.  No, I do not consider it to be plagiarism.


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Week 12

To what extent have your CJ105 concept definitions relied on copying definitions from Wikipedia and other Internet sources – is that plagiarism?

Kristin Marquardt

I usually don’t use Wikipedia for my concept definitions but I  have definitely used it before. I don’t think that using the definition is plagiarism. I think that the point of Wikipedia is so people can use the definitions, so why would it be unlawful to use them? If you use their definition you could also just write “Wikipedia says…” or “I found this on Wikipedia” and then you are letting people know where you found the information.


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