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Communications in Organizations – My Impact

By Erik Hinch

One of the organizations I am involved with on campus is the UWEC College Democrats.  One of the things that the organization does very well is get new people involved in its activities. They send group texts out to let people know what is going down.  They are very active in the community, volunteering and helping people get registered to vote.  What persuaded me to join was two things; They were on campus already trying to get people registered on the very first day I was on campus.  They’re also very friendly and encouraging, and that is a very appealing factor for me. I’m now very involved in the organization just a month into my time here. I participated in the homecoming parade with them, have helped individuals get registered to vote, spread knowledge about upcoming events we were sponsoring on campus, and more.  Basically, being up front, friendly, and encouraging, along with a simple interest in politics on my side, was a very effective communication tool.


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Week 4 Discussion Questions

In organizations you have been part of, what communication have you experienced that was particularly effective – be specific. What was the communication and how did it persuade you?

By Katherine W

I have been involved with many different organizations growing up and communication was always vital. During my senior year I was President of our school’s FFA chapter. We had just gotten a new advisor who knew very little about our school, my teammates, and the activites we did in the past throughout the year. As president it was my job to communicate with her and help to lead us. It was deffinately harder than I thought and took alot of effort on both of our parts. We would set up meetings and talk about upcoming events and goals we had, we would make a list of things that needed to be accomplished and keep it visible for everyone to see, this way goals were meet. Setting up meetings and talking in person was deffinately the most effect way to communicate, any misunderstandings were handled right away. This taught me and deffinately persuaded me to communicate in person as much as possible because you can interpret tone and read body language.


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Week 4 Discussion

Kristin Marquardt

Throughout high school, I’ve been a part of AFS. Last year I was the vice president. If you don’t know AFS, it is a foreign exchange program. So being a part of AFS was very exciting, especially with communication! The first couple years I was in AFS our foreign exchange students spoke English very well and had few problems with communication. The next year I met one of my best friends Manami from Japan. Going from Japanese to English is very difficult and Manami had a hard time at first. The first few weeks she just didn’t speak. I invited her to go to a movie with some friends and we soon became closer than many of my other friends. The same year we had Elisabet from Germany. The communication problem with Elisabet wasn’t the language barrier. It was cultural and social. She would act very strangely toward others and nobody understood why she acted so different. Last year we had three exchange students. Borghild from Norway, Hannah from Brazil, and Lalitwan from Thailand. Lalitwan had trouble with communication too. At first we though she was just shy, and then we thought it was educational, and then cultural, but I think it was some of each. She never wanted to join a club or a team and she didn’t like doing things besides homework and school. One thing that surprised me was that she let her hair grow. At her school in Thailand, their hair needs to stay just below her ear, so when she came here she was so happy to have long hair. Hannah from Brazil also became one of my very best friends. Meeting people from all over the world gives me a lot to think about. I think about war, and wonder how we could fight to the death with people like my friends. It makes me sad, but also very happy that I have friends in s many places. Meeting Manami, Hannah, and Borghild, made me want to learn another language or travel the world. The language didn’t work out for me, so lets hope I can travel.

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Week 4 discussion: Communication and how it persuaded me

I’m going to use a deeper topic with this discussion question that not everybody may understand. When I was growing up and going through high school, I attended a Pentecostal church. Not your ordinary church. The prayer, worship, dress… everything was completely different than what anybody is really used to nowadays unless you’re on the same page. We had a youth group for the teenagers of our church and we would get together every Friday night for a lesson, some songs, and fun and games afterward. We worshipped in a different way than many, raising our hands, singing, jumping, running, speaking in other tongues. It was our communication of praise to God. Many people, are satisfied with a simple quiet prayer. I never understood it until I had a friend lay a hand on my shoulder and pray with me. Honestly, the communication between me and God did  amazing things for me and inspired me to help doing the same for others and my friends. People who would come into our services, looked at us like we were crazy, but it’s because they didn’t understand the communication we used for worship. And it’s a touchy subject to talk about, so if you don’t understand it or believe it, you have to be careful how you communicate your own beliefs to others. This was my life then.

By: Sarah S.

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