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What is This “News” Thing Everyone is Talking About?

By Erik Hinch:

First I’ve heard of it.  To me, news is information that was previously unknown to the viewer.  If I turn on the local news station and hear that a store down on Water Street was broken into, that is news. I didn’t know about it before that moment, and I’m gaining new information on the subject.  We use news stations to learn about what is going on on many different fronts.  At the local, state, and national level, there are varying kinds of news made every day on different subjects.  News is important in that we would not be informed on as many subjects and events without them.


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Week 5…News?!?

By Katherine Woods

News to me is information that was previously unknow and is now being learned for the first time. This is why news often includes current events and problems around the world. News is a way for people to gain information through a media source such as television, radio, or a ‘news’paper. I was never really that interested in the news I always found it kind of boring but now that I am more adult I pay attention to the news more often, in fact I usually have it on while i’m gettting ready in the mornings. I like to listen for the weather because that is always changing and it helps me plan out what I should wear for the day. In current news the election has been a big part of whats goin on in the United States, I like to hear the updates on the canidates and they’re new views on current topics.

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What is news?

When we learn about what’s going on around us, whether it’s local, state wide, country wide… all the information that we here about of what is happening in the world is news. News is the events that we hear about. It could be sports, an accident, a disaster, even weather is news. Without the news, I wouldn’t know what was going on. I check the weather daily so I know how to plan what I am going to do. Sports is news, I have a fantasy football team, so I need to check on the football sports to  see how my teams are doing. My brother moved to St. Petersburg, FL just as the last big hurricane was suppose to hit. I watched the news every day to hear about the updates on that hurricane because I was concerned about his and his family’s safety. Hearing/reading/watching the news is something I do daily, whether it was for this class or not. This class may make me pay more attention to news to look for different things but I would still pay attention to it if not in this class.

By: Sarah S.

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Week 5

Kristin Marquardt

News is information that is spread through a media source like newspapers and television. It is updates on what is going on here and around the world. It affects me by letting me know whats going on in politics, in wars, and general things that are happening. Hearing the news can influence your opinion and your decisions. If you see that someone is arrested for thievery, you might think that they are a bad person. If you hear that the gas prices are going to go up soon, you might want to go fill up your car. If I wasn’t in this class, I would still look at the news. It is exciting to know what is happening around the world, and I think that news sort of connects us all.


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